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The trail starts from Kuching with a country drive for 40mins to Siniawan Village, Hakka obsolete business base to unfold the Chinese Legacy of Numerology Geomancy (authentic wooden shop-houses), Saliva of Hope (Bird’s Nests) and Mountain Elf (Siniawan Tao Temple).

Continue with a short drive to a secluded spot where Liew's Sanctuary is located with a hill at its background and a river bypassing its front where Liew Shan Pang was once quoted as saying, “An endless journey to go with an entire hill to climb comes not without any tribulation. Our sweat and blood is immeasurable like the flow of the river.”

© Witness Liew’s Tombstone, Mountain Elf Shrine and Sireh Fairy Icon; listen to history comes alive about this Man, his power, his vision; and the moment he breathed his last... Resume with a drive to Buso, another authentic town once the base of the Hakka Freedom Fighters.

Browse through this petite town or grab a place by the riverbank or coffee-shop while your Guide brings the history of Buso and its past warriors alive... Continue with a drive to Bau absorbing mystical chronicles, mythologies and philosophies on places like Chinese (Hakka) Cemetery, Bong Low Sian Tze (Tao) Temple and Bau Blue Lake (former gold mine). Return to Kuching by late afternoon.

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Tour Codes: EGH/KO3

Expected Duration: 7 Hours