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Welcome to Selaan-Linau, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Sarawak, Malaysia! This potential ecotourism site is the perfect destination for nature lovers, history buffs, and anyone who wants to immerse themselves in authentic local culture.

The flora and fauna of Selaan-Linau are second to none. With lush rainforests, vibrant orchids, and rare wildlife such as the Bornean orangutan and the slow loris, you'll feel like you're in a paradise unlike any other. And if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive Selaan-Linau bird, which can only be found in this region!

But that's not all – Selaan-Linau also boasts a stunning natural monument that will take your breath away. The towering limestone cliffs are not only awe-inspiring to look at, but they also serve as a vital nesting ground for thousands of swiftlets, which create the famous Sarawak bird's nest soup.

And let's not forget about the local communities that call Selaan-Linau home. The people here are warm, welcoming, and eager to share their heritage with visitors. You'll get a chance to learn about their unique customs and traditions, sample delicious local cuisine, and maybe even pick up a few words of the local dialect.

But what really sets Selaan-Linau apart from other destinations in Sarawak is its authentic, historical, and cultural heritage. This region has a rich history that spans back centuries, and you'll feel like you're stepping back in time as you explore the ancient caves, burial grounds, and traditional longhouses.

So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Selaan-Linau today and experience the best that Sarawak has to offer!

Important Note:

  • The tour package provides access to a private, protected area of tropical rainforest.
  • Clients are informed in advance that they are not permitted to go off-track during the tour.
  • The suggested dress-code for the tour is hiking wear.
  • Overland trips within the tour are conducted on non-paved roads and trails, so clients should be prepared to get wet and dirty.
  • Jungle tracks in Selaan may have leeches.


  • Nature Guide
  • Accommodation based on home stay concepts
  • All land transport & boat trip, 1 wayticket by Mas wing,
  • All meals mentioned in the package
  • Entrance fees and permit
  • Tipping
  • Insurance
  • Personal Incidentals & Items not mentioned

Tour Plan

Day 1: Exploring Sela’an Linau and Long Buboi Village

Experience the unique culture and traditions of the Penan people with this one-day itinerary. Depart from Miri in the morning via a 4WD vehicle and head towards Sela’an Linau. The journey will take approximately four hours, offering breathtaking views of the lush green forests along the way.

Upon arrival at Segah Sela’an Linau homestay, enjoy a delicious lunch before embarking on an exciting adventure to Long Buboi Village. The village is home to one of the 12 Penan communities in Sela’an-Linau, known for their distinctive way of life.

Travel by 4-wheel drive for approximately 45 minutes to reach Long Buboi Village. Upon arrival, tour the longhouse and visit the private rooms of the Penan people. Engage in a dialogue with the Chief and/or his people to learn more about their fascinating customs and beliefs.

Be amazed by a blowpipe demonstration and explore their herbal garden, discovering the different herbs and plants that are commonly used in traditional Penan medicine. Afterward, return to Segah-Sela’an via the same route.

Enjoy some downtime by the tranquil Segah-Sela’an River, taking a refreshing swim or simply relaxing amidst the beautiful natural surroundings. As the sun sets, savor a delicious dinner at the homestay before settling in for a comfortable overnight stay. (Lunch & Dinner)

Day 2 - Explore the fascinating culture of the Kenyah people

Are you ready for an exciting adventure today? After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we will embark on a full day excursion to explore the fascinating culture of the Kenyah people.

Our journey begins with a thrilling 45-minute ride in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to Lio Mato Village. Upon arrival, we will be able to witness the impressive century-old fort that offers a breathtaking view of the upper Baram River. We will also have the opportunity to visit the local village school and learn about the education system in this unique part of the world.

After exploring the village, we will continue on to Apau Ubi Sela’an, a 4-family farm-house. Here, we will be able to tour the farm-house and explore the lush gardens that surround it. We will also have the opportunity to get involved with the daily chores of the locals, and even help prepare and enjoy a delicious lunch with them.

After our visit, we will return to the Segah-Sela’an Homestay via the same route. We will then enjoy a scrumptious dinner and spend the night in the cozy homestay.

This promises to be an unforgettable experience that will give you a unique insight into the rich and fascinating culture of the Kenyah people. (Breakfast/Picnic Lunch/Dinner)

Day 3 - Embark on nature retreat to Sela'an Waterfall

you'll be embarking on a wonderful nature retreat right in the heart of Borneo's wilderness. After a delicious breakfast at the homestay, you'll set off on a 45-minute 4-wheel-drive journey followed by a 45-minute trek to reach the beautiful and secluded Sela'an Waterfall, where you can take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear water. The waterfall drops over 100 meters and offers a truly spectacular sight in the midst of the dense dipterocarp forest.

While you relax and rejuvenate in the pools, your host will prepare a traditional "Pansuh" lunch with food cooked in bamboo, giving you a chance to experience the local cuisine.

After lunch, you'll return to the Segah-Sela'an Homestay via the same route. In the evening, dinner will be served at the homestay and you'll have the opportunity to relax and unwind after an exciting day. You'll spend the night at the homestay, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Borneo's wilderness. (Breakfast/Picnic Lunch/Dinner)

Day 4 - Thrilling journey in a long-tailed boat to Sepigan Village

Today's adventure begins after breakfast, with a 45-minute 4-wheel-drive journey to Long Sait, a small settlement in Borneo. From there, you'll embark on a thrilling journey in a long-tailed boat for 40 minutes to reach Sepigan (Penan) Village, located at the upper reaches of Selungo River, which is a tributary of the mighty Baram River.

Upon arrival, you'll have the chance to explore the village and learn about the traditional ways of life of the Penan people. You'll also have the opportunity to visit their garden of medicinal and edible plants and participate in their craftworks, giving you a deeper insight into the local culture.

After spending an exciting and educational day at the village, you'll return to Segah-Sela'an Homestay via the same route. In the evening, dinner will be served at the homestay, and you'll have the chance to relax and reflect on the day's experiences. You'll spend the night at the homestay, surrounded by the serene beauty of Borneo's wilderness. (Breakfast/Picnic Lunch/Dinner)

Day 5 - Roaring Rides and Scenic Flights Return to Miri!

After breakfast, pack and depart back to Miri via 4WD / Maswing and transfer to the airport for flight departure (Breakfast)


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