Evening Mangrove Wildlife Cruise

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Evening Mangrove Wildlife Cruise

You will meet your guide in the hotel and drive approximately 30-40mins where you will board a boat which will bring you for a 25 minutes ride along the Coastline to the Mangroves of Sarawak. Explore the Riverine Mangrove Forest on a slow drive through the narrow passages.

Borneo is the only place in the world where a rare primate species, the Proboscis Monkeys, live. It lives in mangrove forest of the coastal area and riverine forest on the lower reaches of major rivers. Once a group of Proboscis monkeys is sighted take your time to watch these animals in their natural habitat.

Shortly before darkness we will leave the mangrove forest to experience the beautiful sunset. We will enter the mangroves once more in darkness. This slow boat ride through the mangrove forest will offer a rare opportunity to see the wild crocodiles of the river. Use torch lights to find the reflection of crocodile eyes in the water and on land. Enjoy the sound of the Mangroves in the night and search for Fireflies.

Fireflies are soft bodied beetles which sizes range from 5 to 25 millimeters in length. On the underside of the abdomen, it has special light organs that glows in luminous flashes. These amazing animals can be found along the trees of the riverine mangrove forest and will light some trees up like a Christmas tree. After tour, return to hotel.

Tour Informations

Tour Codes: EGH/K19

Duration : 3 Hours


This tour is CLOSED during monsoon season November - February. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone this tour in case of heavy rain or bad weather conditions.






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