3 Days Turtle Conservation Program

Discover the beauty of Sarawak’s coastline and make a difference in turtle conservation with the Sarawak Sea Turtle Volunteer Programme (SSTVP), also known as the Sea Turtle Adoption Programme (STAP). This unique eco-tourism initiative, proudly run by Sarawak Forestry, offers a fantastic opportunity for a meaningful and unforgettable experience.

Join us for four days and three nights of hands-on involvement in turtle conservation. As a participant, you will be responsible for several tasks and responsibilities throughout the programme, including beach patrolling, transferring turtle eggs to hatchery, releasing hatchlings, data recording, nest analysis, and engaging in research, education and conservation activities.

At SSTVP, we believe in actively participating in turtle conservation, and we remind our participants that they are not here for a beach holiday. By joining our programme, you will make a positive impact on turtle conservation in Sarawak, and have an incredible opportunity to learn about the importance of sea turtle conservation.

Sarawak Forestry is committed to responsibly manage and conserve Sarawak’s forests, including the national parks in Sarawak. By participating in SSTVP, you will be supporting our efforts in creating awareness and imparting knowledge about sea turtle conservation. Join us in this one-of-a-kind adventure and make a difference in protecting Sarawak’s natural treasures!

Participants will be given the opportunities to involve in :-

  • Beach patrolling
  • Transferring turtle eggs to hatchery
  • Releasing of hatchlings
  • Data recording
  • Nest analysis
  • Research, education and conservation activities.


  1. This tour package is available for weekly departures on Mondays and is only valid from May to September. The reason for this is to avoid the monsoon season’s rough sea conditions. During the monsoon season, the sea conditions can become unpredictable and dangerous, making it unsafe for boats to operate. By scheduling the tour package between May to September, it ensures that the sea conditions are more stable and safe for boat travel.
  2. Even during the period from May to September, there may be occasional occurrences of heavier rainfall and rough sea conditions. This can have an impact on the boat services that operate to and from Talang-Talang Island. The guide is responsible for ensuring the safety of the passengers and may decide to divert the tour to an alternative destination that is similar to the original itinerary. The alternative tour will be chosen to ensure that it is safe and enjoyable for the passengers. The decision to divert the tour will be made by the guide based on the current weather conditions and the safety of the passengers.