Trail of The White Rajahs

Want to see Kuching on foot?  Sarawak’s capital city, Kuching is an interesting place. It’s a fast expanding city but the good news is that most of the main tourist sites are concentrated in a reasonably compact area which can be covered on foot. It’s still very much like “Crossing the Rubicon” taking sights of the new and the old.  Kuching’s old city center is a walker’s/sightseer’s paradise.

Start your tour walking with your Heritage Guide through our century’s old shop houses, in the midst pause and take in sights of British old buildings left behind by the White Rajahs. Along the walk, browse through old eateries, narrow alleys, spice trading stalls, and visiting old Chinese Taoist Temples, an Opera Hall, Sarawak Ethnology Museum before settling for a drink by an authentic coffee shop to conclude your tour.

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