Eco Host – The Lun Bawang Heritage

The Lun Bawang has a rich cultural history and at the same time, they were on the verge of extinction if not for the arrival of Christian missionaries as early as 1928. Before this, they had been in contact with ancient traders from China especially for the huge jars or porcelain needed in their burial rites which we can still find these artifacts in the ancient grave yards. They also came into contact with the Brunei Malays and did barter trading as well. It is historically well known as far as Sarawak History is concerned. Vyner Brooke, the third Rajah of Sarawak did lead an expeditionary force to the highland, to fight the rebellious Lun Bawangs there. Rajah Brooke administration regarded the Lun Bawangs as one of the fiercest and the worst of all the tribes they attempted to pacify.

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