Orangutan Adoption Program

The plight of the world’s orang-utans has touched the hearts of many. This highly intelligent creature, sharing 97% of the same DNA as us, is endemic to Borneo and Sumatra and is regarded as highly endangered due to habitat destruction, indiscriminate hunting and the illegal wildlife trade.

In Sarawak, rehabilitation for orangutan is carried out at wildlife centres in Semenggoh and Matang.  In the effort of educating the public to learn and understand this totally protected wildlife, Sarawak Forestry Corporation offers public involvement in their rehabilitation program by introducing the Orangutan Adoption Program.

The programme aims to

  • -Raise funds for orangutan conservation and rehabilitation
  • -Extend ownership of the programme to other citizens of the world
  • -Disseminate information about orangutan conservation activities carried out in Sarawak.

100% of the Adoption Fund’s revenues are used to support orangutan conservation, including:

  • -Orangutan conservation projects
  • -Educational activities to support orangutan conservation
  • -Food and medication for orangutans in our rehabilitation centres
Adoption Packages

Two types of adoption packages are available:

Individual adopter
RM 200 per orangutan per year

Corporate adopter

RM 10,000 per adoption per year

Individual adopters will receive an exclusive Certificate of Adoption plus quarterly updates on our orangutans in Semenggoh and Matang Wildlife Centres.

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