8 Days Penan Wilderness Trekking Adventure

This tour, gives you the opportunity to spend your time with our welcoming hosts learning about their rapidly changing way of life and just how much they still rely on the rainforest for their daily needs, which is literally their supermarket.

Apart learning about the way of life of the Penan people and their native skills and knowledge such as the vast array of medicinal and edible plants in the forest, and of course how to make the infamous blow pipes and poison darts! The time here is planned for maximum flexibility, so that you can get the most out of this experience. You have the opportunity to assist in the planting of saplings in the forest, take walks into the jungle to swim in nearby waterfalls and simply relax in a beautiful environment surrounded by nature. Food will be simple, healthy and organic. Expect lots of rice and wonderful jungle vegetables such as jungle fern and wild ginger flower. Food is collected from the forest and in addition to the vegetables there will quite likely be wild meat which is still the main source of protein for the people here. Baths and showers are often taken in rivers and waterfalls, however some houses may have a room for washing, with bucket showers.

Your hosts are incredibly friendly and welcoming and you will be very comfortable and well looked after. The Penan people make some of the best quality and beautifully designed rattan baskets and mats in Sarawak.

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